Ivideon Server Setup Wizard

Ivideon Server Setup Wizard

Launching Ivideon Server for the first time

When you first start Ivideon Server, the setup wizard window opens. You can follow the steps of the wizard or refrain from using it.

When is it easier not to use the setup wizard?

If you need to view videos locally only and you do not want to connect Ivideon Server to your Ivideon account right away.

Learn more about linking Ivideon Server to you personal Ivideon account and adding cameras without the setup wizard in How to connect Ivideon Server to Ivideon account and How to add surveillance equipment to Ivideon Server .

Working with Ivideon Server setup wizard

Why?The setup wizard allows you to conduct full basic configuration of Ivideon Server quickly and easily.


  1. Open the settings menu by clicking on the triangle to the right of the "Settings" button.
  2. In the drop-down list, select "Setup Wizard".
  3. Enter your account email and the name of the server.
  4. Add your cameras. The process of adding cameras is presented in more detail in the instructions how to connect an IP camera to Ivideon Server? .
  5. Set the archive size and specify the folder to store your videos. For proper operation of the program, the archive size must be less than the space available on the hard drive.
  6. Done!

What equipment is Ivideon compatible with?