How much Internet traffic is required?

Data from Ivideon Server or cameras with built-in Ivideon service is transmitted via Internet only during remote watching or when cloud archive is enabled.

Internet traffic is also required when motion detector is activated and the data is transmitted to our servers.

The traffic volume depends on the video stream settings of a camera and how many motions the camera detects.

IP camera options can be accessed via it's web interface. Web camera options can be changed in «Advanсed» Settings of Ivideon Server.

When video from a camera is not requested and no video is recorded to the «cloud», traffic is less than 1 MB per week (this amount is formed by exchange of information between your server and our data centers).

A continuous 24 hours recording with medium motion intensity in shot for an IP camera with standard resolution 640X480 and frame rate 25 fps requires about 11 GB.