How much free space on my hard disk drive should I allocate for the archive?

If the video from an IP camera with resolution 640х480 and frame rate 25 fps will be recorded constantly during 24 hours having medium motion intensity, it will require approximately 11GB on an HDD.

What should be taken into consideration while allocating free space for the archive:

  1. Video quality. The higher the quality of video, the larger the volume of data transmitted from a camera. Below listed the settings which have a direct influence over the volume of data:

    Resolution: the higher the resolution, the larger the bandwidth required, but the video quality will also be higher.

    Bit rate - the level of data compression, denoting the bandwidth. In other words it’s the max volume of data a certain camera can transmit. The higher the bit rate the higher the processor load. This will also require the larger bandwidth, but the video quality will also be higher.

    Frame rate is the number of shots which a person can see one after another per one second. The higher the bit rate the smoother will be the video, but the processor load and the bandwidth will also be higher. However for every person frame rate is quite an individual thing, so select it in accordance with your personal requirements.

    Encrypting method. For example H.264 encrypts only the altering bits of the picture (frame-to-frame difference is used), while MJPEG encrypts every single shot. Consequently, encrypting methods supporting frame-to-frame difference require lower bandwidth. It's especially important when motion intensity in shot is low.

  2. Archive recording type: continuous or when motion detector is triggered. When motion detector is enabled, the recording starts 5 seconds before the action in shot and ends 15 seconds after. When continuous recording is enabled the archive is recorded permanently.

  3. Motion intensity. The higher the motion intensity, the larger the volume of the data archived.

You can watch your videos in any quality you want via Ivideon Client and Personal Account. This won't tell on the quality of the archived video, but will create additional load on processor and the outgoing Internet channel.