How do I move Ivideon Server app to another computer?

There are situations when it's necessary to move already working Ivideon Server from one computer to another without reconfiguring and reattaching cameras to the personal account.

Type of operating system doesn't matter.

To transfer Ivideon Server you need to:

  1. Install Ivideon Server to the new PC.
  2. Copy and replace the following files from the old PC to the new one:




  3. If you want to transfer the archive, move the entire archive folder along with all the subfolders and the archive.db file.

  4. Go to Ivideon Server "Settings" (the button with the wrench icon) and then to "General" tab, check the path to the archive folder and the space allocated for the archive. Press "OK".
  5. Start Ivideon Server.

That's all! You have successfully moved Ivideon Server and retained all the previously configured settings.

ATTENTION! For Ivideon Server with web-interface (old Linux OS version) this trick works only, when the new PC has the same version of OS.

The files (config.xml and config_new.xml) are located in the folder /opt/ivideon/videoserverd/.