How do I delete my archived records?

You don't have to delete your archive manually.

Old records are automatically deleted when new ones are recorded.

The records are deleted when there is no free space for archive storage on your hard disc drive (for local archive) or when the archive storage time is up (for cloud archive).

Local archive deletion

Local archive is stored in a special folder where Ivideon Server is installed or on an SD-card of a camera with built-in Ivideon service.

You can totally get rid of the whole archive by deleting the folder where it's stored.

You can find out the path to this folder in Ivideon Server (Settings - General - Archive).

It's impossible to delete certain bits of the archive.

Cloud archive deletion

When cloud archive is used the records are kept in our data centres.

Cloud archive can be deleted, only by removing camera (from which the archive is recorded) from your personal account.