How to configure archive recording in Ivideon Server?

How to configure archive recording in Ivideon Server?

Configuring archive recording


Choosing the most convenient method of recording video archives. There are 3 available modes:

  • continuous recording,
  • recording based on detection of motion or sound,
  • scheduled recording.

By default, videos are recorded based on motion detection.


  1. Right-click on the camera name.
  2. Open camera settings.

  3. Open the "Record" tab.

  4. Select the video recording mode.
  5. Click "OK" to confirm.

Important! How do I choose archive recording method?

  • Continuous recording is necessary when you need the whole video stream and it is important not to miss a single minute. It is important for highly protected areas: sensitive sites, factory floors, warehouses and various work premises.
    • Recording based on detection is used in two cases:
    1. Motion/sound is the only important footage: for example, detection is used to record the time of arrival/departure of staff at/from the office;
    2. Motion/sound serves as an alarm: for example, appearance of a thief in an empty apartment or a closed shop.
    • Scheduled recording is necessary if the video archive does not make sense during certain periods of time. Let us suppose it is important for you to record the archive only while you are away from home or at work. With a schedule, you can automate the recording settings so that you did not have to turn it on and off manually each time.

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