How to configure archive recording based on motion detection in Ivideon Server?


If you do not wish to watch all the long hours of the video archive when nothing happens, the best way is to set up recording based on motion. This option may be convenient in different situations:

  • to ensure safety of objects and prevent malicious intrusion,
  • to monitor employees, their labor discipline, to resolve disputes with customers,
  • to care for children, elderly relatives, pets.


  1. Right-click on the camera name.
  2. Open camera settings.


  3. Open the "Motion Detector" tab.

  4. Set the detector sensitivity.
  5. Hold the left mouse button down and highlight the areas where motion will not be detected.
  6. Click "OK" to confirm.



  • Using the program detector overloads the CPU. To reduce the load, you need to use a built-in IP camera detector. To do this, uncheck the box "Use program motion detector" in the "Motion Detector" tab.*


All settings of the built-in motion detector are specified in the camera web interface.

  • If Ivideon Server cannot work with your camera detector directly, only the program detector will be used. In this case, the check mark "Use program motion detector" is not displayed.

* Ivideon Server does not support built-in detectors for all models of IP cameras.

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