How do I change or recover my password to my Ivideon account?

To change your current password please follow the instructions:

  1. Enter your Personal Account.
  2. Press the tab with your E-mail address at the top right of the page.
  3. Type your current password in the corresponding field.

    Type new password in the fields «New Password» and «Retype your password»:


    We highly recommend to invent a strong password.

    A strong password should consist of no less than 8 signs (digits and letters).

    Avoid using passwords consisting of nothing but digits or a single simple word.

  4. Press «Change Password».

    Congratulations! Your password has been successfully changed. To enter your Personal Account please use your new password.

Password reset

If you forgot your password you can reset it following the instructions below:

  1. Go to password reset page.
  2. Type your E-mail address and a verification code:

  3. Press «Request new password».

  4. You'll receive a notification letter with a link to request a new password.

    Be attentive: you'll receive this letter from E-mail Do not answer this letter.

  5. Follow the link.

  6. You'll receive a letter with a new password.
  7. Use this password to enter your personal account.

    We highly recommend you to change this password to a new one.