How much traffic will I use?

How much traffic will I use?

Traffic volume depends on the camera video stream settings (resolution, number of frames, used codec) and intensity of movement in the camera frame.

Traffic from Ivideon Server or a camera with the service on board goes via the Internet only when you use the "Remote archive" server, or if someone is viewing the camera remotely.

Traffic is also created when the motion detector is triggered and when data is recorded on Ivideon server.

When videos are not viewed from cameras or recorded to the cloud, the traffic is less than 1MB per week (exchange of service information of your server with our data centers).

IP cameras with a resolution of 640x480 and 25 frames/sec (H.264) of continuous recording, with average traffic intensity in the frame of the camera for 24 hours, required 11Gb of disk space.

For the same camera with very heavy traffic in the frame, traffic volume amounts to about 450 MB per hour.

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