Why do webcams heavily load my PC?

All the webcams will heavily load the processor, ‘cause they are unable to code the video signal, which requires additional data processing.

Motion detector being quite a resource-intensive application will also create additional processor load.

In view of the facts above, please pay attention to the following things:

  1. Processor load will be maximal, when archive recording and motion detectors are enabled.
  2. When continuous recording is enabled, motion detector is not used. Consequently, processor load will be created only by video coding process.
  3. Processor load will be minimal, when there is no archive recording at all. In this case motion detector won't be in use and the video coding will take place only during watching live video from cameras.

We strongly recommend using only original drivers which can ensure proper and stable functioning of such devices. So avoid using drivers provided by your OS.

Minimal system requirements for proper functioning of Ivideon Server with standard web-camera (resolution: 640x480): Intel Atom 2x1.6 GHz.

Here you can find detailed recommendations how to spread the load between the processor and the bit rate to attain optimum performance.