How do I add a webcam to Ivideon Server?

Ivideon is compatible with any webcam and still we recommend using webcams of well-known brands such as Logitech, Sony, Microsoft, Genius and etc. to ensure proper and stable functioning.

Avoid using drivers provided by your OS. Only original drivers can ensure steady work of such devices.

  1. Connect a webcam to your PC.
  2. Start Ivideon Server. It will automatically find and add all the connected cameras.

    If Ivideon Server is already running, press Stop, close the application and open it once again.

  3. Right click on the name of your camera and choose «Settings...»:

  4. Click «Preview» button (the one with an eye icon). If you configured everything correctly, you'll see the video feed from the camera.
  5. Close the preview window and press «ОК».
  6. Press «Start» button.

That's all! Now you can access this camera from your Ivideon personal account and watch it remotely over the Internet.

Learn more about different ways to watch your cameras!

All the webcams will heavily load the processor, ‘cause they are unable to code the video signal. Motion detector being quite a resource-intensive application will also create addition processor load.

Here you can find detailed recommendations how to spread the load between the processor and the bit rate to attain optimum performance.