How do I add a DVR to Ivideon Server?

Each channel of the DVR must be added as a separate camera.

  1. Open Ivideon Server. If you launch the application for the first time, skip to step 4.
  2. If Ivideon Server is running, press Stop.
  3. Click General and select Setup Wizard.
  4. Follow all the steps in the wizard until step Cameras.
  5. Click Add IP camera.
  6. Type the camera name in the dialog box. Choose the manufacturer and model. Type the video recorder IP-address, login and password.

  7. Open the extended setup and specify the video recorder's channel. If needed, specify additional parameters.

  8. Click the preview button (the one with the eye icon). If everything is correct, you will see a video from the camera.
  9. Close the preview window and click OK.
  10. Add the other video recorder channels in a similar manner.
  11. Follow the next steps of the wizard.
  12. Click Start.

That's all! Now you can access this camera from your Ivideon account.

If your video reсorder is not on the list, please contact the device's manufacturer. Tell him that you are planning to connect it to Ivideon Server and that you will need an RTSP link to the video stream (each channel has a link of its own).

You could also find the needed link data in the user manual.

The correct RTSP link should open in the VLC player.

When you get the link, you can try to add the video recorder channels to Ivideon Server by selecting the "Other Manufacturer" from the manufacturers' list and adding the video stream link to the URL field.

After checking, please send the received links to us and we will add support for your device to Ivideon Server.