Is it possible to use a camera of my mobile device?

1 It is possible to use a camera of the mobile device as an IP-camera together with IP Webcam app (for Android OS only). IP Webcam allows to stream the video from your mobile device via Ivideon. Here you may download the free app version.

Does my device support streaming via Ivideon?

IP Webcam can transmit the video via Ivideon on the most part of Android devices (firmware 4.1 and higher). To check it, run the application, select “Cloud streaming” and then “Test compatibility”. The app will inform if your device is compatible with Ivideon.

How does that work?

Run the application, select “Cloud streaming” and press “Cloud streaming active”. Enter your personal account details or create a new account.

Go back to the app main menu and press “Start server”. Now the camera is attached to your personal account and is automatically subscribed to the Free subscription package. The live feed from the camera of your mobile device is now avaliable from your Personal Account.

Warning! The Free subscription package can be used only for two cameras per account. If you already have two cameras with the Free subscription package activated you`ll have to select for the camera of your mobile device one of the Paid subscription packages.

To do so, please, enter your personal account. You will be prompted to set up the new camera. After the confirmation you’ll get into “My Services” tab to select a subscription package. Ready? Then you can watch live video from the phone camera.

Can I store the video archive?

You can do that in case you choose a subscription plan with the cloud archive feature. You may check available subscription plans here.

The archive is recorded into the cloud only when the motion or sound detector is triggered - that’s why you need to turn the detectors on. Open the main menu, go to the “Motion and sound detection”; select “Enable motion detection” and/or “Enable sound detection”.

Done. Now the videostream from your phone camera is recorded into the cloud. You can watch these recordings in your personal account or Ivideon app. You can also export the recordings.

Can I receive event notifications?

Yes, you can receive motion, sound and camera status notifications. For this turn on the corresponding detectors in “Motion and sound detection”.

Does the app work in the background mode?

Yes, it does. To enable the feature press “Actions” while watching the live video, and choose “Run in background”. You can also simply minimize the app.

Is it possible to start the app automatically?

Yes. For the app to run automatically at the startup, place a tick the “Stream on device boot” option in the main menu.

What video parameters are optimal?

Max resolution - 1280x720, max bitrate - 1200 Kbit/s. You may set them in the “Video preferences” tab.

How quickly does the device battery discharge?

Quite quickly. For the device to work longer while the app is running, we highly recommend to keep it charging continuously from the wall outlet with the charger (amperage no less than 1A). To reduce the energy usage open the “Power management” tab and remove the tick from “Keep screen active” box.

The device may heat while the app is running; so take care of the cooling.