How do I use a webcam in two applications simultaneously?

Sometimes you need to use your webcam for both video surveillance and Skype or other such applications. Since a webcam can only be used for one one application at a time, you'll need to install a special "splitter" program which will create a virtual copy of your camera. One such splitter is a free application called ManyCam.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Exit from both Skype and Ivideon Server.
  2. Download and install ManyCam.
  3. Launch ManyCam. Your camera will be automatically added to ManyCam.
  4. Open Ivideon Server and disable both your real camera and the camera called "ManyCam Video Source" by right-clicking on them and selecting "Don't use this camera" from the pop-up menu. Now instead of your real camera Ivideon Server will use the virtual "ManyCam Virtual Webcam".
  5. Launch Skype and configure it to use the "ManyCam Virtual Webcam" as well.

It's done. Now both Ivideon Server and Skype can work with your webcam simultaneously.