The easiest way to set up a live video feed on your web site

The easiest way to set up a live video feed on your web site

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Would you like to become a little closer to your clients and get an edge over your competitors? You can tell them what makes you better. Yet it is common knowledge that seeing is believing! Now you can easily demonstrate all the advantages that make you competitive with the help of Ivideon: just install a cam and allow your clients to access it in just 5 minutes. Do you deliver pizza or sushi? Show your kitchen to your clients! Doing construction work? Run a feed on how a house is built right on your web site! Your hotel has impressive beaches? Why keep potential guests from seeing them! Work with kids? Give their parents webcam access! We assure you — you’ll become a go-to person for all your clients before you know it!

When I got my first job, our benefits included free meals as well as video feeds from the canteen — every employee knew how to access a live broadcast cam and see whether there are any free tables so as not to complement the suffering of a body that had eagerly awaited nutrition half the working day by standing in a line. Implementing something of this sort does not require much in the way of sysadmin sorcery, and most employees will definitely find it enormously useful. However, you can’t hold back progress — nowadays running a public live feed from any cam would be accessible to any of my coworkers who had once dined in that canteen.

Few are aware of it, but Ivideon has a very useful option — it allows to set up access to a webcam and embed the feed into your web site or blog in just a couple of clicks. You don’t need to deploy any servers or a CDN (content delivery network) of your own if you plan to broadcast worldwide. Nor do you need to buy or install streaming software, or provide full support for the streaming service. The Ivideon cloud will do most of the work for us. All you need to do is hook up your cam.

Setting up the camera

Nearly anything can be a video source for an Ivideon feed:

  1. A computer with a webcam.
  2. An external webcam or an IP camera.
  3. Analog camera.
  4. An IP-camera with native Ivideon cloud support.

In the first three cases, you’ll need to install the Ivideon Server app on your server or desktop computer — it recognizes a camera as an available device and establishes an encrypted connection to the cloud. Ivideon Server is available for all major platforms — Windows, Linux, and OS X.

In the fourth case, you don’t even need a computer to run the Ivideon Server. There are cams for indoors and outdoors use available, with a variety of Internet connection options—cable, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G.

Privacy settings

It goes without saying that Ivideon is a private video surveillance service first and foremost. A camera connected to Ivideon reports suspicious movements and sounds, recording everything in the cloud and informing the owner (sending a push notification, for instance). If we want to use the camera for a live feed from our web site, we need to make it public by opening access. You can do it in a mere couple of clicks.

All we need to do is press the Settings button underneath the camera feed window in your personal area and choose Public Access from the menu:


This opens the main settings window:

Public access

The last step allows you to turn public access to a feed that you have already set up on and off. That’s all there is to it — it is really that simple.


Video feed code is embedded as a regular iFrame element (similarly to the YouTube mechanism). This is something even the greenest web designer will do. The feed will also work with third party resources with iFrame support — you can embed translations into your posts on LiveJournal or

Ivideon gives you the following advantages:

  1. It does not require system administrator skills.
  2. You do not need to rent a server with a broadband connection at a data center to stream video.
  3. High dependability — Ivideon employs a global data center network.
  4. Allows you to stream worldwide — there are Ivideon nodes on every continent, which allows for minimal video feed latency.
  5. Support for playback on smartphones and tablets — the video feed adapts to different playback formats on the go.

All of this is available to private users with new pricing plans. As for large companies, there are no limits whatsoever — Ivideon can be used for setting up live feeds from hundreds of thousands of cameras located in a single city or all across the world.

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