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Success Story. Woodland Joint Unified School District, California, USA


Industry - Public safety
Company - Woodland Joint Unified School District, California, USA
Ivideon Product - Ivideon Bridge B-1610, Ivideon Cloud
Number of Cameras - 230
Ivideon Video Analytics - Motion detection
Camera Manufacturer - Axis


Woodland Joint Unified School District is a public school district located in Woodland, California. There are 18 schools for students from preschool to high school. The population of the district is over 11,000 people including students, teachers, and staff members.

WJUSD tasks its surveillance system with the responsibility of monitoring facilities and public spaces in an effective and efficient manner. During COVID-19 remote monitoring became crucial for WJUSD as all the staff was working off-site.

WJUSD IT department faced the daunting task of providing increased surveillance support. The school district decided to implement Ivideon cloud video surveillance system with the Motion Detection video analytics module. Selected members of the staff were included in the list to receive notifications in case of suspicious events. The cameras connected to Ivideon service are accessible from any device.

Access to the cloud

After switching over to Ivideon the IT department has more time to perform regular duties rather than maintaining a surveillance system. WJUSD found the system user friendly, the footage is securely stored in the cloud with easy and quick access to it. Ivideon 24/7 support is always available to answer operational and technical questions.

Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance system allowed them to free their on-site storage with the migration to hosted surveillance storage. This in turn is saving man-hours in maintenance as well as upgrade costs in the future.