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Ivideon are pleased to announce a new partnership with DVS Ltd. (UK)



Formed in 2003 DVS Ltd. has quickly established itself as one of Europe’s most successful multi-brand distributors of electronic surveillance products.

A fast paced and energetic organisation, DVS has embraced innovative technological advances in the industry and are now seen as one of the industry’s most proficient distributors of IP CCTV products.

DVS has built an enviable reputation in the industry that has helped to ensure that many of the industry’s leading manufacturers have decided that DVS is the best partner to introduce their products to the professional installer.

“DVS is known for its finest delivery of customer service in the field of CCTV surveillance, and are constantly looking to improve their services and deliveries. The ultimate goal is to fulfil our customer’s satisfaction and therefore have joined hands with Ivideon – a market leading company. The new partnership with Ivideon will help DVS enrich and enhance our existing services and also introduce newer services.”

DVS will be covering Ivideon-powered Hikvision hardware distribution in the UK and Nothern Ireland as well as promoting Ivideon Partner Program for recurring revenue for video surveillance systems' integrators in the region.

The partnership is an important step for Ivideon, as we continue to expand our services across Europe.